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Complement is an augmented reality mobile app that makes printed images dynamic and interactive.

Just scan the target image using Complement mobile app and the static, printed material comes alive to reveal video, 3D animations, or multi-image interactive content.


Download the free Complement
Mobile App from the Apple App Store on your iPhone or Google Play Store on your Android.


Look for the Complement icon next to content in magazines, books, newspapers, posters, and much more.


Launch Complement Mobile App and scan the picture to reveal video, 3D animation, or multi-image interactive content.

Scan the following images with Complement Mobile App to experience exciting new content!

Vancouver’s Car Free Day posters reveal video footage from the event
Scanning the Sintel movie poster will open the Youtube video page
An illustration from a children’s fairy tale will come to life in a magical way
Temporary tattoos are even more fun when a hidden friend comes out to play
This conditioner will reveal stronger, softer hair on the bottle and on your head
Swipe through this agent’s current listings after scanning her business card!
Watch Cosmopolitan’s behind-the-scene footage of Katy Perry’s cover shoot!
Promotional posters offer a taste of the party before it even happens
Meet Geoff (on green screen video, that is!) when you scan his business card
Get ready for the game by listening to an all-time classic upon scanning this picture
Practice your fighter moves by tapping the 3D fighter to control his moves
A special message is displayed when you scan the French Champagne Wine Label

Contact us today to have your product complement-enhanced with interactive 3D content, photos or video!